VideoTag - a tagging experiment
How To Play

VideoTag is a one player game. You are asked to tag YouTube video clips within 10 minutes. The aim of the game is to enter as many tags as you can within the timeframe that will form an accurate description of the video.

What is a tag?

A tag is a keyword that describes aspects of the video. e.g. if the video showed a football match example tags would be men, team, players, pitch, football, ball, crowd etc

How to tag?

There are two ways to tag, you can either enter a tag blind, without any suggestions - you score more points this way, or you can ask for a suggestion by clicking the Suggest a Tag button. You will be given a suggestion of what to tag, but not actually given a tag, you score less points for this option, but it is useful if you're stuck for inspiration.


Videos in the game are selected at random from a selection of YouTube videos, a Skip Video button is available if you do not like a video, have tagged it before, or have run out of inspiration before the end of the video and would like to tag a new one.


The game will consist of five levels, each subsequent level being more difficult than the previous one.


The game will involve pitfalls where points can be lost. A pitfall is a tag that is too obvious, the catch is that there may be more than one obvious tag, or more than one pitfall.
  • Level 1 = 2 pitfalls;
  • Level 2 = 3 pitfalls;
  • Level 3 = 4 pitfalls;
  • Level 4 = 5 pitfalls;
  • Level 5 = 6 pitfalls;


You will score points throughout the game and be entered onto a leaderboard.*
  • 200 Points will be awarded for entering a Blind tag.
  • 150 points will be awarded for using a Suggested tag.
  • 500 points will be deducted if you enter a Pitfall tag.
  • 1000 bonus points awarded for filling out the questionnaire.


Beware, tags are moderated, if you enter a tag that is not relevent to the video, you will be stripped of your points and entered on to the board of shame. Please respect the goal of the experiment and enter meaningful tags.

* If you play as a guest instead of registering a username, you will only be allowed to play level 1 and your score will not be entered onto the leaderboard.

Button - Play VideoTag

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