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Stacey Greenaway has a website which gives more information about the creator of this game, as well as other commercial and academic projects.

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You can find more detailed information about Videotag below. The Poster gives more detail about the research including background, references, experiments and evaluation. Objective, outlines the research goals for the game.


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  • Can the tags entered be useful in creating descriptive text descriptions of internet video, in order to improve accessibility of video for visually impaired users?
  • Pitfalls = basic level tags. By avoiding pitfalls it is hoped that more descriptive tags will be entered.
  • Assess the quality of the tags based on their semantic level. Basic level being of lower quality than, subordinate level, descriptive tags.
  • Example: A video of 2 cats chasing each other up a tree. Basic tags might be Cat, Tree, Chase. More descriptive tags could include the breed of cat, whether it is in a garden, street or park, colour of the cats, the season, an indication of the weather, snow, sunny. Any other distinguishing objects in the video.

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