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The facilities you'll use

Construction, Architecture and Product Design

Within the complex will be a workshop and laboratory featuring prototyping and model-making equipment - this includes tools for laser cutting, high-speed 4D CNC routing, rapid prototyping and the very latest generation intelligent welding systems. You can access product and architectural modelling tools for wood, metal, plastic and building materials, as well as test rig equipment and computer simulation software.

Computer labs contain the latest industry-standard software such as AutoCAD 2002 and AutoCAD ADT for computer aided design, and MultiGen Creator, Solidworks and 3D Studio Max for 3D modelling. There's also project management software for construction planners, as well as the Delcam suite which includes software for product design and toolmakers (Powershape).

Computing, IT, Maths and Statistics

There's an open-access IT lab with PCs running the latest software, such as Infomodeler for database design, and ASP. Net and Visual Studio. Net for web development.

Laboratories for games development include a 'real-time' room where you can make instant 'live' changes to documents such as web pages. A multimedia lab will house PCs running graphics software such as AVS Express, Director (for the production of CD and DVD content), and the latest tools for creating websites including Dreamweaver and Flash.

Specialist labs include a software development and testing tool (LRDA Testbed), Mathcad (for working with formulae, numbers and graphs) and Adobe Premiere, which allows you to edit audio files and create real-time video.


TV and a radio studio will feature networked digital editing suites running Avid Express DV - you'll get to use the software used by industry professionals and gain essential hands-on experience. There are also video and audio editing facilities, as well as access to digital cameras, mini disc recorders and a full range of professional equipment such as lighting kits.

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