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You can try out VideoTag as a guest, but:

  • your scores will not be registered;
  • you will not progress through levels;
  • you will not be able to upload video to the site;
  • your access to the site will be restricted.

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    This is all the info we require. You will receive a confirmation email as a spam prevention method. This is the only time we’ll email you.


    Videos have been selected at random from a selection of most popular videos on You Tube using the You Tube API. Some videos may contain limited strong language, some mild violence or sexual reference. If you are at all offended by such things, or are allowing young children to play the game, please do not play the game. The creator of this game takes no responsibility for content - which is sourced direct from YouTube and as such adheres to You Tube's Terms of Use.

    Please note as this game uses video files streamed from You Tube a fast internet connection is required to fully enjoy the game.

    The game is optimised for use in modern, up to date browsers. If you are using an old browser you may not experience all aspects of the game. It is best viewed in Firefox. The game is built for PC/laptop access and may not work well on some tablets/phones/hand held devices.

    The site does not use cookies and does not store any information apart from what you enter into the game.