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    How To Play

    Golden Tag | Top Tag | Simply Tag | Levels | Why Play?

    • You must be logged into a VideoTag account to watch and tag videos. Login or register above.
    • VideoTag games are easy games to play - simply watch a You Tube video and enter words that describe what you're watching.
    • VideoTag games can be played as quickly or for as long as you like - each round lasts 1 minute, play as many rounds as you like.
    • The words you enter are called 'tags'; tags are labels that describe the video.
    • A tag can describe the video or can reflect how you feel about the video.
    • You score points if the tags you enter match tags other players have entered.
    • As you progress through the levels you unlock new videos to tag.
    • If you can reach VideoTag level of Researcher - you can upload You Tube videos to the game. Tag your favourite You Tube videos, or tag your own You Tube videos.

    Golden Tag

    You get 1 minute to find as many Golden Tags as you can whilst avoiding the Pitfalls! Tag your way through the decades. Starting in the 1950's how quickly can you get to the future?

    A Golden Tag is a tag that has only been entered once (by an other player not yourself). If you find a Golden Tag you'll reap the rewards. Can you find them all before the timer runs out?

    • You score big (500 points!) if you find a Golden tag.
    • You lose big (100 points) if you find a pitfall - a pitfall is a tag that has been entered by ten players or more
    • You only score if your tag matches a tag entered by another player. Score 50 points for each matching tag.
    • There are 8 levels in Golden Tag, Level 1 - 1950's through to Level 8 - Future.

    Top Tag

    Find the top 5 tags entered for a video before the timer runs out. Score BIG for a top answer!

    You get 1 minute to find the Top 5 tags entered for the video. Can you guess the tags most players have entered?

    • The words you enter are called 'tags'; tags are labels that describe the video.
    • A tag can describe the video or can reflect how you feel about the video.
    • You score big (500 points!) if you find the Top Answer.
    • Score 400 for 2nd most popular, 300 for 3rd, 200 for 4th and 100 for 5th.
    • You only score if your tag is a Top 5 Tag.

    Simply Tag

    Watch, Tag, Explore.

    If you are more interested in watching and tagging videos, then Simply Tag is for you. No gameplay, Browse our complete collection of videos either by category or tag, or tag a collection of your favourite You Tube videos. You control what you tag and for how long for.

    VideoTag Levels Explained

    Everyone starts out as an Intern. You need to play games to make it on the payroll and go up levels. Can you work your way up from Tea Boy to Commissioner? Be aware you can be demoted as well as promoted. If you lose too many points during games you may well find yourself demoted.

    Why Play

    VideoTag is a research experiment, by playing you are helping to further understanding into how useful tagging can be at describing the content of a video. Could the descriptions be detailed enough to improve search? Could tags be used to gauge opinion of the videos? That's what these games are about. Just how useful can tags be in terms of describing and categorising online videos?