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You can try out VideoTag as a guest, but:

  • your scores will not be registered;
  • you will not progress through levels;
  • you will not be able to upload video to the site;
  • your access to the site will be restricted.

  • Forgotten your password?

    This is all the info we require. You will receive a confirmation email as a spam prevention method. This is the only time we’ll email you.

    Upload You Tube videos to VideoTag

    We don't want you to stop playing VideoTag, we don't want our selection of videos to put you off playing. However, it wouldn't be a game without a challenge and what's the point of a challenge without a reward? So if you reach the level of Researcher, or you enter 500 tags (whichever is soonest) we'll let you upload your own choice of You Tube videos to VideoTag.

    All you'll need is the unique You Tube ID for the videos you want to add to VideoTag. It is important you enter the ID as per the instructions below otherwise your video will not play.
    You Tube VidID needed to add videos to VideoTag

    You will have to assign your video to a category when you upload it. It will then appear on the specific category page. Your video must fit into one of the categories listed. Videos will be moderated and if it does not fit into the category, it will be removed. If you would like to suggest a category you can do so here.

    If you would like to be emailed the tag data for any videos you upload to VideoTag then please email us to request this.

    You can suggest categories and videos to us on our Facebook page.

    You need to be level Researcher or higher to upload your own videos, or have entered 500 or more tags.